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A/V Technology Installations
for Learning Spaces

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A portion of University IT funds and Student Computing Fees are set aside each budget year for the specific purpose of installing, refurbishing, and upgrading A/V Teaching Technologies in University learning spaces.  These installations should be designated General Use/Access classrooms, labs, auditoriums, and seminar/conference rooms, available for use by any student, faculty, department or college.

On behalf of the University, Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) administers these Student Computing Fees for General Use/Access Learning Spaces (previously known as e-Classrooms). Installations follow the Standard Configurations for A/V Equipped Classrooms (Foundation Levels). To participate in University supported installation and maintenance costs for General Use/Access Learning Spaces, submit our Request Form to Install A/V Technologies in Campus Learning Spaces.



A college or department may want to install A/V equipment in a conference/seminar room, classroom, lecture hall, or lab that is wholly controlled and scheduled by that college or department, and is not considered General Use/Access for the campus. Such installations and maintenance are usually paid for directly by a college or department.  TLT is available to consult, design, and install these rooms for a college or department, leveraging our installation expertise and purchasing discounts.  TLT provides quotes before any work begins.  To inquire, submit a Request Form to Install A/V Technologies in Campus Learning Spaces.


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