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Funding Opportunities

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Student Computing Fee Awards
for Learning Spaces | Software | Hardware

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Each semester, fees are collected to provision student computing on campus through an additional assessment on tuition for undergraduate and graduate students. Annually, these funds are made available for both University-wide IT initiatives of student benefit, as well as individual requests from colleges, interdisciplinary programs, and libraries to support student computer labs, student software, and A/V teaching technologies with an impact on student learning.

The portion of Student Computing Fees made available to individual colleges, interdisciplinary programs, and libraries is overseen by the University governance committee, the Teaching & Learning Portfolio. This committee and assigned task force members initiate RFP invitations, review proposals, interview requesters, and award funds based on the available Student Computing Fees collected for the year.

The annual Call for Proposals usually occurs at the beginning of the calendar year and funds are transferred to colleges and libraries near the beginning of the fiscal year. Invitations to submit proposals are emailed by the Teaching & Learning Portfolio.

Each year’s proposal process, priorities, instructions, and guidelines for submission are posted via the TLT: Teaching & Learning Technologies website.

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