Teaching & Learning Technologies provides digital video recording and streaming of traditional courses, lectures, student presentations, and other special projects on and off campus.   We also deliver audiovisual content on hard media, in streaming format and as live broadcasts via the internet.

Our staff offers a wide range of post-production and duplication services such as editing, disc authoring, disc duplication, format transfers and compression. Our video studio is ideal for recording interviews and other professional presentations.

Teaching & Technology Services must receive video recording requests at least one week before the date of the event in order to ensure camera operator availability.

Please contact our help desk at 801-581-6112 if you have any questions.

Please complete and submit the form below to request video services.  Please submit the form at least one week in advance to ensure camera operator availability.


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Depending on the type of presentation format used for an event, different microphones will need to be used. Please select the audio option that best describes your presenter situation. If your format is not described here please select "Other" and explain in the field below.
Presentation Content Needs for Recording:
The camera operator can capture slides and other visual materials simply by filming the screen in the room or by editing the actual slides into your video. The latter option provides a more professional look to your video but does have additional fees associated with it.
*If you need an addition to your service that is not described in the dropdown please indicate below:
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Media Delivery (what type of media do you want your footage delivered on?):
Instructors: If students are appearing in your video in any identifiable way (presentations, classroom discussions, etc.) FERPA rules may apply to your content. These types of videos should always be set to Private and delivered through an authenticated Canvas page.
Additional Media Notes:
Will you need your video closed captioned?
Do you need the raw, uncompressed footage of your video? (There may be an additional charge associated with this.)
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*TLT requires payment prior to the start of any VS service. A campus order or a University Purchasing Card must be provided.
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