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 A/V Equipment

Need A/V Equipment Installed?

We install, refurbish and upgrade audio/visual teaching technologies for classrooms, labs, auditoriums, seminar rooms, and conference rooms for general use across campus.

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Need A/V Equipment Maintenance?

We maintain and repair audio/visual technologies installed in University of Utah learning spaces, which includes classrooms, labs, and auditoriums. We perform routine check-ups year-round.

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Need To Check Out A/V Equipment?

We provide audio/visual equipment checkout and delivery services for academic course work and university community events. We also provide a/v support for events.

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Need to Checkout "Flipped" Classroom Technology?


Are you moving to teach a course as a "flipped classroom"? We have a collection of technologies available for trial use before committing to flipping a course. In a flipped course, students watch lectures online or otherwise get the bulk of their course content outside of scheduled class time.

The time spent in-class is primarily devoted to going deeper into content. For example, students are asked to discuss, problem-solve, analyze processes, develop and critique case studies, debate, evaluate, develop their higher-order thinking skills and create.

We hold brief consultations on flipped classroom gear before you checkout items.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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Teaching & Learning Technologies' General Education Classrooms

We maintain and repair audio/visual equipment installed in University of Utah learning spaces, which includes classrooms, labs, auditoriums, seminar, and conference rooms. We perform routine checkups year-round on all installed audio/visual equipment in the geneneral education classrooms shown below. 

Last Updated: 6/26/19