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Teaching and Learning Technologies

Course Support


Need Canvas Training or Advice?

We offer one-on-one and small group Canvas consultations ranging from a quick tutorial to in-depth instruction on a range of Canvas features.

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Need Advice Designing a Course in Canvas?

We provide consultations for designing and developing quality face-to-face, hybrid, "flipped", and online courses. We will leverage current educational technology to help instructors reach their teaching goals.

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Need Technical Support?

We provide technical support for Canvas and vendor services included in the Canvas portfolio for the entire university. We encourage faculty, staff, and students to contact us for support.

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Faculty Resources

Quality Course Framework

Learn about the essential elements of a quality course, getting start with the Quality Course Framework and what resources are available to faculty.

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Alignment Grid

A alignment grid helps instructors align their assessments and activities to course objectives. We have gathered example from departments across the univeristy using the alignment grid to include CHEM, ECON, FCS, and GERON.

Alignment Grid

Content Map

 A content map helps instructors structure their entire course with modules and weeks. Allows instructors to align outcomes and objectives. We have gathered examples from departments across the  university using a content map for course development to include CHEM, ECON, FCS,  and GERON.

Content Map

Canvas Updates

Stay up to date on the latest and greatest featues and updates to Canvas. Our dedicated Canvas Admin have investigated and written consise breakdowns for easy reading. Check every three weeks for the newest release.

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Learning Tools Policy & Request

With the increased interest in third-party learning tools and apps, TLT and our campus partners have developed policies and procedures for install these apps into Canvas.

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Last Updated: 5/3/21