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Media Duplication & Conversion Request Information

Teaching & Learning Technologies offers a wide range of duplication services such as DVD authoring, disc duplication, format transfers, and file compression.

TLT observes copyright restrictions when performing a media conversion, transfer or duplication of copyrighted material. TLT cannot transfer, duplicate, and/or stream copyrighted works in their entirety. Under Fair-Use guidelines, TLT can make available for course work clips of copyrighted works.

For transferring full length video, all requests must be submitted to the Marriott Library through their Suggest a Purchase and Media Streaming Request Form.

Select a Service

Service 1: DVD/ VHS Duplication

TLT can make DVD, CD, and VHS copies in nearly any quantity you request. We provide professional print labels for each copy and packages DVDs and CDs in slim line jewel cases.

Service 2: Video/Audio Transfers

TLT will transfer both analog and digital media listed below to any digital media format:

Analog Formats


Digital Formats

  • VHS
  • S-VHS
  • International VHS: PAL, SECAM, etc.
  • Hi-8
  • Standard Audio Cassette
  • Vinyl Records
  • DVD
  • CD
  • Mini-DV
  • Mini-Disc
  • Various compressed files suitable for internet, steaming and podcasting

Service 3: Convert Digital Files

TLT can convert digital files (mp3, mov, wmv, mp4) into any digital file of your choosing.

Step 2: Price List

Below is a price listing for media duplication and conversion services. Prices are subject to vary depending on media needs, contact our Media Duplication & Conversion Services for more detailed information on charges and to obtain an estimate of costs for your project.

Digital Transfer $10/hr
Analog Transfer $10hr
DVD Pricing  
1-7 copies $1.60 per disc + $6.30
8-14 copies $1.60 per disc + $8.93
15-21 copies $1.60 per disc + $11.55
22-28 copies $1.60 per disc + $14.18
29-35 copies $1.60 per disc + $16.80
26-42 copies $1.60 per disc + 19.43
43-49 copies $1.60 per disc + $22.05
50 and above bulk pricing - please call for estimate
CD Pricing  
1-7 copies $1.52 per disc + $6.30
8-14 copies $1.52 per disc + $8.93
15-21 copies $1.52 per disc + $11.55
22-28 copies $1.52 per disc + $14.18
29-35 copies $1.52 per disc + $16.80
36-42 copies $1.52 per disc + $19.43
43-49 copies $1.52 per disc + $22.05 
50 and above  bulk pricing - please call for estimate
Editing $30/hr

Step 3: Payment

TLT does require a University of Utah chartfield in order to start a video recording or service. A journal entry will be generated using this information and our video work will be charged to it. Your chartfield will not be charged until work is complete and delivered.

Note: TLT accepted University purchasing card payments, however, you will still need to enter a chartfield to submit your request. If you are planning on paying by card, please call 801-581-6744 to give your card information after you have submitted your request. When submitting payment information, please reference the Zendesk ticket number that you receive in your confirmation email. Your provided chartfield will not be charged if you provide University purchasing card information. Purchasing card information will not be shorted on file for future requests.

Step 4: Request a Media Duplication & Conversion

To submit a media duplication or conversion request, bring your source materials and paymemt information to our service desk in MLIB 1705 Faculty Center. Our service desk technician will assist you in filling out a ticket at that time.

If you need clips made from your source materials, please come prepared with start and end times for each clip in your request.


Contact Us

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