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Are you moving to teach a course as a "flipped classroom"? Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) has a collection of technologies available for trial use before committing to flipping a course. In a flipped course, students watch lectures online or otherwise get the bulk of their course content outside of scheduled class time. The time spent in-class is primarily devoted to going deeper into content. For example, students are asked to:

  • discuss
  • problem-solve
  • analyze processes
  • develop and critique case studies
  • debate
  • evaluate
  • develop their higher-order thinking skills
  • create

There are many types of A/V equipment that can facilitate a flipped classroom. TLT can brief you on flipped classroom gear before you checkout items.

About Checkout

You can try out technologies for a flipped classroom for a 48 hour period. Choose from a list of the available gear included in this request form. This specialized equipment is checked out from Teaching & Learning Technologies in the Faculty Center, Room 1705 Marriott Library. One of our instructional designers will contact you to arrange for checkout.

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