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Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) Form for Events


For Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) of an Event

The State of Utah offers video and audio interactive conferencing technology for meetings, events and classes. Each university in Utah builds and maintains its facilities that connect to the IVC technologies.

Go to List of IVC Equipped Learning Spaces Managed by the University of Utah

This form is specifically for scheduling IVC facilities and personnel for events not related to classes. Use our separate form to schedule Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) for Classes.

The University of Utah's Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT), in conjunction with its St. George campus, schedules the conferencing connection of these pre-built rooms for campus-related sessions and can offer technical facilitators to assist with the interactive conference. Use of a facilitator during IVC events is highly recommended.  An event facilitator allows the presenters to focus on their content rather than operating the technology required for interactive conferencing.  TLT can provide a trained facilitator for any IVC event on the University of Utah main campus or U of U remote sites in the Salt Lake City area. Fees apply for facilitation personnel.

To Schedule a Facilitator for an IVC Session

In the form below, be sure to select “Yes” in the field asking if you need an on-site technical facilitator.  Requests must be received one week in advance to ensure the availability of personnel.

TLT is available upon request to train faculty, students and staff on the operation of interactive video conferencing equipment.

Customer Contact Information
*Indicates a required field.
  1. (e.g. 801-555-5555)
Event Related Information
  1. *Is this request for an Event (not related to a University of Utah Class)?
  1. (e.g. Alan Smithee Visiting Lecture)
  2. (e.g. Department of Physics)
  1. If this interactive video conference is related to a University of Utah class, please complete a separate form: Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC) for Classes.
Event Dates
Our staff will confirm with you when actual IVC connectivity is live and available for testing.
IVC Facility & Production Information
  1. Type of Presentation
  2. Record the Conference Event?
  3. (Examples: Sandy Room 127 - 15 students
    Nursing HSEB Room 4100A - 10 students
    St. George Campus Room 102 - 8 students)
Schedule Technical Facilitation Personnel
  1. *Do you need IVC Technical Facilitation?
    Facilitators are only scheduled for IVC rooms on the UofU campus or the Sandy facilities.
Additional Information

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Last Updated: 5/24/18