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Video Conferencing Request Form

Announcement Regarding IVC Scheduling

Starting in Fall 2018, IVC Scheduling will no longer provide centralized scheduling of campus interactive video conferencing.  Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) will be offering a software-based video conferencing solution for distance ed classes and events. This solution will have the capability to connect with legacy IVC systems (installed hardware using H.323 or SIP dialing).

Departments that own existing IVC rooms will be responsible for setting up connections for their own classes and events. IVC rooms can connect on-the-spot via direct dialing, or they can be prescheduled to connect. If a connection requires pre-scheduling, department IT will be responsible for contacting the Utah Education Network (UEN) and obtaining training and access to their IVC scheduling software.  The UEN Technical Services Support Center can be contacted at 801-581-4134.

Video Conferencing Rooms

If use of an existing department-scheduled legacy IVC (h.323) room is required, than users will need to connect via ad-hoc direct dial or schedule the connection through the department that owns the room.

TLT is available upon request to train faculty, students and staff on the operation of interactive video conferencing equipment.

Requesters will be responsible for scheduling the physical teaching space with the department that owns the room.

  • For a list of department-scheduled teaching spaces that have installed legacy IVC technology, please visit the following link: IVC Spaces

  • For a list of department contacts, please visit the following link: Departmental IVC Room Contacts
    (scheduling contacts may change so ask for the person who is currently responsible for scheduling the room you want to use).

To request video conferencing support for a class or event please fill out the form below.

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  1. Repeating Requests
  2. Will any remote participants be joining from a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device?
  3. Will any remote participants need to join using a legacy Cisco, Tandberg or Lifesize video conferencing system?
  4. Will you need an on-site technician to provide technical support during your video conference? (fees apply)
    (Requests for facilitation must be received one week in advance to ensure the availability of personnel.)
Payment Information
  1. TLT does require a University of Utah chartfield in order to schedule a facilitator. A journal entry will be generated using this information and our video work will be charged to it. Your chartfield will not be charged until work is complete.
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  4. TLT accepts University purchasing card payments, however, you will still need to enter a chartfield to submit your request. If you are planning on paying by card, please call 801-581-6744 to give your card information after you have submitted your request. When submitting payment information, please reference the Zendesk ticket number that you receive in your confirmation email. Your provided chartfield will not be charged if you provide University purchasing card information. Purchasing card information will not be stored on file for future requests.
Last Updated: 8/28/19