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Teaching and Learning Technologies

Video Production Services




A short interview in which the presenter answers a series of questions that allow the audience to get to know the interviewee better. Concisely edited to make an impactful first impression.

  • Covers academic and professional background, teaching philosophy, and personal anecdotes.
  • Branded specifically to department with sleek and professional graphics.
  • Brief, informative, and personable.


An attractive and professional way to record traditional PowerPoints in our green-screen studio. Allows for both the presenter and content to be captured simultaneously and presented in a dynamic fashion.

  • State-of-art recording facility designed for presenter confort and time effciency.
  • Captured using multiple visual sources. Results: seamless and engaging content.
  • Editors use refined workflows to optimize the visual pacing and clarity of video content.


Aimed at documenting a conversation, these videos capture interaction and nuance between multiple speakers. Filmed in the studio, on-location, or remotely via video conference.

  • Multiple perspectivies allow for an engaging and natural presentaion of a conversation.
  • Stories, opinions, and multiple point -of-views can be conveyed in a single presentation.
  • Filming on location provides pleasing aesthetics and allows environment to be an active agent.


Captures a traditional lecture in the most engaging way possible. Multiple angles allow for a rhythmic and dynamic piece to be edited in place of a traditional lecture practices.

  • Designed to capture and emulate the classroom feel, yet enhance the instructor's presence.
  • Capable of capturing a wide array of lectures, including panel discussions.
  • Unobtrusive and adaptable to any location.


Allows the instructor the opportunity to be in the same visual space as their written content, while maintaining a visual connection with the audience. Bright text pops out against the dark background.

  • Ideal for explaining complex equations, breaking down diagrams, or providing annotations.
  • Provides a comfortable option for instructors who are used to writing on whiteboards.
  • Instructor maintains audience connection by always facing the camera.


Documents processes, interactions, tutorials, experiements, and events that demand a scope that a studio cannot afford. From raw interaction to minute detail, these videos are rich medium for content.

  • Allows for the capturing of natural, industrial, and social situations in a story-driven manner.
  • Team works extensively with instructor to shape story from raw conceptual ideas to footage.


A traditional approach to verbal storyteling: A person's voice guides attention, conveys infomration, and creates connection. Edited for content and optmized to industry standards.

  • Multiple participants can be recorded individually, simultaneously, or even remotely.
  • Phone, Skype, Zoom, and video conversations can be recorded and mixed in studio.
  • A vast library of music, jingles, and sound effects are available to punch up recordings.

 Special Requests

We're always looking to innovate and dabble in new technolgies and techniques, so pitch us a style, idea, or medium, and let's try to make something special!

  • Access to a green-screen studio and vast array of audio and video technology.
  • Videos are in the hands of an innovative staff with years of video, graphics, and theater experience.
  • Our driving goal is to make videos efficiently and professionally.



Last Updated: 5/3/21