Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT)
The University of Utah


Teaching & Learning Technologies primarily informs and supports faculty who are developing and publishing online courses and learning experiences. We also help students access those classes. For the University of Utah, TLT...

  • manages CANVAS, the online course management system for the campus, and provides consultations for online course design and the use of instructional technologies.
  • installs and maintains A/V technology in campus learning spaces and checks out portable A/V equipment.
  • records, edits, publishes, and streams video for academics and campus events.
  • schedules and proctors exams in support of online courses.
  • has three Service Locations:
    Marriott Library Faculty Center | UOnline Center |Milton Bennion Hall



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Phone TLT Help Desk 801-581-7908
Any Support Question:
Phone TLT Help Desk 801-581-6112
option 1 for A/V and Video Services 
option 2 for Canvas, Exam Services, and Online Course Support
Email classhelp@utah.edu
Online Class Support:
Email classhelp@utah.edu

Email examhelp@utah.edu

Exam Scheduling & Proctoring:
Email examhelp@utah.edu

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